Fishbein Ilana Fishbein
Creative director, designer and illustrator
Ilana, one of the founders of the Fishebein Company, has over twelve years of extensive experience in the field of advertisement and graphic design. She started her professional training early, by completing an intense Graphic Design program in High School, and then went on to graduate with the B.A. degree in Visual Communications from Open University. After graduation she worked with big leading Advertising companies like Publicis, McCann Ericson, Arad Tikshoret, Ashkenazy Zalsman/Bsa, Double Click, and Leah Greenspan. Ilana is not only a skilled, dedicated, and diligent designer, she is also a very talented artist, and finds great satisfaction in her work. She is a great project manager, and can successfully lead any project from conception all the way through post-production. 
“I love the field I’m working in at! The creative work and satisfied clients is what makes me happy” - says Ilana.
Fishbein leon Leon Fishbein
Video production manager
Leon has been shooting on-the-scene footage and editing films since 1993. He is a very talented self-made professional that started out with a small company, and worked his way up by filming “Celebrity Focus” documentaries for Israeli TV and private networks, movies for children, coverage of life cycle of consumer products from invention to production for advertising companies, drama and ballet plays for Israeli TV channels, and various sports events for local TV channels and private networks. Leon collaborated with such broadcast networks as NTV, RT, Al-Hurra, RAI, and many others.  Leon is highly valued not only for his talents as a video operator and producer, but also for his project management and people management skills.  He often liaises between many different production crew members, leading projects to successful results. He is an incredibly energetic and forward-thinking professional, and in the midst of his busy filming and production schedule Leon finds time and energy to offer his expertise in Canopus, helping clients to ease into the use of this complex non-linear editing platform. As a “Gadget Master”, Leon enjoys educating and consulting his clients, and anyone who asks, on all sorts of technologies - from mobile phone, to professional video cameras, to cars. Just ask! :))